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Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening

Cheat mode:
Hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 and rotate the Left Analog-stick until "Devil May Cry" is spoken at the starting menu. This will unlock all bonus modes, alternate costumes, and gallery entries.
KiKito Romero Bebo.

Alternate costumes:
Successfully complete the game under the easy or higher difficulty setting to unlock coatless Dante, under the normal or higher difficulty setting to unlock the original Devil May Cry Dante, and under the hard difficulty setting to unlock the coatless original Devil May Cry Dante. Press L1 or R1 at the mission selection screen to choose the new costume. Note: The costumes will also unlock the Force Edge Devil Arms move.
KiKito Romero Bebo.

Successfully complete the game under the easy or higher difficulty setting. Note: Higher difficulty settings will unlock additional selections, as listed.
KiKito Romero Bebo.

Art 1: Complete easy mode.
Art 2: Complete normal mode.
Art 3: Get an "S" rank for all normal mode missions.
Art 4: Get an "SS" rank for all normal mode missions.
Art 5: Complete hard mode.
Art 6: Get an "S" rank for all hard mode missions.
Art 7: Get an "SS" rank for all normal mode missions.
Art 8: Complete Dante Must Die mode.
Art 9: Get an "S" rank for all Dante Must Die mode missions.
Art 10: Get an "SS" rank for all Dante Must Die mode missions.

Hard difficulty:
Successfully complete the game under the normal difficulty setting.
KiKito Romero Bebo.

Easy difficulty:
Intentionally fail a mission under the normal difficulty setting three to five times. A message will appear, stating that you have unlocked the easy difficulty level.

Dante Must Die mode:
Successfully complete the game under the hard difficulty setting.
KiKito Romero Bebo.

Heaven or Hell mode:
Successfully complete Dante Must Die mode.
KiKito Romero Bebo.

Play as Legendary Dark Knight/Sparda:
Successfully complete the game under the hard difficulty setting.

Unlimited Devil Trigger:
Successfully complete Dante Must Die mode.

Once you have unlocked the Super Dante costume, select it for any mission. You will have unlimited Devil Trigger for the remainder of he game. This very useful during your last fight with Virgil.

Get Quicksilver on you, then go into demon form. You will have unlimited Devil Trigger.

Control loading screen:
Press Triangle to slash or Square to shoot at the "Now Loading" screen.

While at the loading screen, hold Up and repeatedly use the sword (Triangle) until it breaks. Another one will appear. Note: This does not work with guns (Square).

Alternate ending sequence:
Kill at least 100 opponents during the credits.

Successfully complete the game with Legendary Dark Knight to have Lady in an alternate costume during the ending credits.

Multi-player mode:
Use the Doppleganger style with the Super Dante costume. Activate the Doppleganger style at any time then press Start on the controller two. The second player now controls the Doppleganger (shadow). Note: You must have the Super Dante costume or you will run out of Devil Trigger using the Doppleganger.
Ein and Arthur.

Hint: Subliminal messages:
During the ending or beginning of each mission there is a subliminal message in an intermission sequence. Sometimes the number is in the murky clouds and at other times it is found in hard to see places. Look in the background and foreground and on objects, the sky, explosions for these.
Sean Montgomery and Jamie Weir.

In the first mission when Dante is eating pizza, the pizza box has a big "1" on it for mission 1.
Adam Bailey.

In mission 2, during the opening FMV sequence when the camera moves around Dante's head, it shows a red billboard with a big white "2" on it.
Adam Bailey.

When we first meet Mary, she blows up some enemies and they form the number "3" for mission 3.
Jamie Weir.

In mission 4, there is a banner near where Vergil and Arkham are standing in the shape of a "4".

At the start of mission 5, turn around to see a "5" written on the wall.
Jamie Weir.

In mission 6, watch the FMV sequence when Mary shoots her rocket launcher at the floor. At the end of the sequence it shows where it hits the ground. The burn mark looks like a "6".
Adam Bailey.

At the start of mission 7, when the FMV sequence plays Dante wipes blood off his forehead onto a wall, which runs down into the figure "7".
Sean Montgomery and Jamie Weir.

In mission 8, when Dante gets up, goes near the pillar, and is about to jump off, you can see a faint shape of an "8" in the moon behind him.

Mary empties her gun and a empty shell falls down with the number "9" on it for mission 9.
Jamie Weir.

In the intermission sequence at the beginning of mission 10, Virgil betrays Arkham and slays him. The blood gushing out of Arkham splatter onto his book, leaving the number "10".
Virck Star and Shimmy Valaint.

In mission 11, during the FMV sequence when Arkham is on the ground there are two lines of blood leading to him that resemble an "11".
Adam Bailey.

Jester is riding on a object in the shape of the number "12" for mission 12.
Jamie Weir.

mission 13: Immediately after Vergil cuts his hand to make a sacrifice, the camera angle changes. While the angle is turning you can see a "13" carved into a pillar.

In mission 14: At the end of the intermission sequence, it shows an angle aiming down into the pit where Vergil fell. On the wall of the crevice is a carved "14".

In mission 15: After awhile after the intermission sequence starts, the camera will face a door with three symbols on it. Just to the right of it is a dried up plant. The branches are shaped into the number "15".

In mission 16: A little while after Dante starts changing between normal and demon forms he will take out his guns and shoot them at the same time. If you can spot it, the flash of the two gunshots makes "16". You must watch extremely carefully.

In mission 17: After Arkham pulls the force edge from the stone, the rocks shift around. In the bottom left of the screen will be two rock pillars next to each other. They form a "17".

In mission 18: As Dante is rising up the portal to the demon world, a single newspaper flies around the bottom right corner of the screen with an "18" on it.

In mission 19: The camera will start to turn at the beginning of the intermission sequence. As it is turning, there is a bookshelf. There is an area with books missing in the shape of a "19".

At the beginning of mission 20, Mary/Lady kills her father Arkham, crying/laughing in happiness of finally ridding the evil burden. The mist and clouds surrounding her form the shape of the number "20".
Virck Star and Shimmy Valaint.

Hint: Mission 1: Easy Orbs:
Use Agni and Rudra to trash everyone and everything. Make sure to get the drums. If complete it with an "S" rank, you will get 6,000. This is useful early on in the game. It gets even easier when you get the Devil Trigger.

Hint: Mission 3: Cerberus Devil Arms move:
Successfully complete Mission 3 by defeating Cerberus to get the Cerberus Devil Arms move.
KiKito Romero Bebo.

Hint: Mission 3: Secret Mission 1:
Once you are in the area with the Red Orb statue and the three red flame statue just before Cerberus, there is a metal door off to the right. Push Circle in front of it to enter the secret mission. If you win you will receive a Blue Orb piece.

Hint: Mission 3: Shotgun:
Can be found hanging on the wall of the front bar.

Hint: Dante swings on stripper pole:
In the strip club, press X then Triangle near the pole to watch Dante swing around.
tom barlet.

Hint: Mission 4: Easy Red Orbs:
At the start of the mission, go back to street area just before you fought Cerberus. Get all the Red Orbs in the area. Press Start, save the game, then select "Restart Mission". You can do this all over again without having to fight any enemies. You get about 2,800 orbs per visit.
The Ace of Spades.

Hint: Mission 5: Defeating Agni and Rudra:
Once they get close enough to you, you can jump out of the way when one of them attacks. Agni will strike Rudra and vice versa. This is a useful trick when you are low on health.
pale_imagination and Brennan.

Hint: Mission 5: Agni and Rudra Devil Arms move:
Successfully complete Mission 5 by defeating Agni and Rudra to get the Agni and Rudra Devil Arms move.
KiKito Romero Bebo.

Hint: Mission 5: Breath Of Fire reference:
At the end of Mission 5, after defeating the two brothers, they will tell you their names. Agni and Rudra are the names of the last two dragon transformations you receive in Breath Of Fire for your hero.
KiKito Romero Bebo.

Hint: Mission 5: Defeating the brothers:
When fighting the brothers on Mission 5 or 6, attack them at the same time so that their health is the same, and so one of them does not grab the other brother's sword and unleash totally massacre. When you kill one of the brothers, you get a little time to attack the other brother. It does not matter who you attack first. If his health was the same as his brother before he died, you should win the Boss battle. It is also recommended having five or six Vital Orbs (green) and four Large Vital orbs.

Hint: Mission 6: Artemis:
Insert the last item into the statue in the Mute Goddess statue to get this weapon.

Hint: Mission 7: Easy Orbs:
At the beginning of the mission when you enter the Moonrise Chamber, you can use the launch pads to collect about 1800 Orbs. After getting all the Orbs, save the game. Then, restart the level to collect them all again. You can do this as many times as desired and get about 1,800 Orbs a minute (without having to fight any enemies).
Tony Banfield.

Hint: Mission 9: Nevan Devil Arms move:
Successfully complete Mission 9 by defeating Nevan to get the Nevan Devil Arms move.
KiKito Romero Bebo.

Hint: Mission 9: Spiral:
This weapon can be found on the platform in the subterranean lake.

Hint: Mission 9: Easy Red Orbs:
There is a secret mission in a cave area just before you go onto a path where you fight Nevan, who is the Boss in this mission. You will see a red glow in the cave. Go up to it and press Circle to enter. You will now be in a secret mission where you must destroy all the items in a bar, similar to the place in Mission 3. It is very easy, and you can get 1,000 to over 1500 Red Orbs in one play through, plus a Blue Fragment. When you get four of these, you will get a life bar upgrade. If done about twenty times, you can easily get over 20,000 Red Orbs in about twenty minutes. This is also helpful if Nevan is proving difficult and you need Red Orbs to buy Vital Stars and Yellow Orbs. Buy only one Yellow Orb at a time. By doing this, you can stock up on Vital Stars and other items that will help you defeat Nevan.
Nug James.

Hint: Mission 11: More life:
When you get the orb that drains your power and must run for the bridge, skip battling the red bat things. This will completely drain your power. Instead, battle every enemy except those and do your best to get high ratings. The higher the ratings that you get, the more life you will receive in killing them. It helps to use combinations to keep your ratings high when battling enemies.

Hint: Mission 11: Defeating Beowulf:
Any weapon will work. The trick to defeating this beast is when he stomps the ground to drop cages, then punches it to you. This is where you can do a lot of damage with small chance of him hitting you. Run up to him, then use Devil Trigger and start slashing him.

Hint: Mission 12: Quicksilver style:
Defeat Greyon at the end of Mission 12
KiKito Romero Bebo.

Hint: Mission 12: Defeating Greyon:
After the intermission sequence of Greyon (blue horse with carriage) smashing through the other enemies, immediately run to the door and stay in the corner. When Greyon charges at you, fire Ebony & Ivory at him. Before he hits you, he will vanish and appear on the other side of the bridge. Also, notice that you have not taken any damage. Repeat these steps until the bridge collapses, then get ready for the real fight.

When you begin to fight the horse with the carriage, the life of the horse is not in itself -- it is in the carriage. You will win faster and easier if you attack the carriage instead of the horse. To help kill it on the bridge section (the upper floor), your will be forced to use your guns, Try using the handguns fully updated. When you get the chance when it stops, use your sword. When the life of the horse/carriage gets about one quarter down, the bridge will collapse and reveal a gladiator-like arena. It is in this area where your guns will not mean much. The horse will run around the arena in the circle. After four or five rounds, it will come towards the center of the arena and breathe. It is here where you pop into Devil Trigger and unload on it. If you do this consistently enough, the horse will collapse, giving you more time to kill it.

Hint: Mission 12: Easy level ups:
When you have the haywire neo-generator you can take the train back and forth for easy experience. They often drop small Green Orbs to replenish health. Alternately, replay any secret mission that you can fight enemies in.

Hint: Mission 14: Beowulf Devil Arms move:
After completing Mission 11 by defeating Beowulf, collect the weapon at the start of Mission 14.
KiKito Romero Bebo.

Hint: Mission 16: Kalina Ann:
Defeat the Lady to get this weapon.

Hint: Mission 17: Defeating the Doppleganger:
When you get to the part where you fight the Doppleganger, to do major damage have your style set to "Quicksilver". Also have Agni and Rudra equipped. When you are fighting him, open a light when he is close to you. After the light turns on and his armor breaks, do not attack immediately. Do Quicksilver and have Agni and Rudra out. Then attack him slow motion until his armor goes back on. Then, exit Quicksilver and repeat until he dies.
Jesse Gray.

Hint: Mission 17: Doppleganger style:
Defeat Shadow Enemy at the end of Mission 17
KiKito Romero Bebo.

Hint: Mission 17: Easy orbs:
Once you begin the mission, collect the orbs above the staircase. Then, go back to the room where you came from and collect all the orbs. Finally, save and restart the mission. All the orbs will be back.

Hint: Mission 18: Easier completion:
You must fight many previous Bosses on this level by pressing Circle on a colored object on a wall. These are as follows:

Light blue is Cerberus,
Yellow is the Gigapede,
Green is Agni & Rudra,
Red is the Heart of Leviathen,
Purple is Nevan, white is Beowulf,
Blue is Geryon
Black is the Doppelganger.
Orange is many difficult enemies.

To complete this level, you must make a loop on the board. The easiest way is to fight Agni & Rudra, Cerberus, and Beowulf.
jack woodrup.

Hint: Mission 19: Yamato Devil Arms move:
Play as Virgil in Mission 19 to use the Yamato Devil Arms move. It is only usable in the Boss fight in this mission after Dante is taken by the Boss.
KiKito Romero Bebo.

Hint: Mission 19: Multi-player opportunity:
When you are fighting the hideous version of Arkhem, get his heath bar halfway down. An intermission sequence will interrupt, introducing Virgil to the battle. When the clip has ended, you will be fighting alongside Virgil. Press Start on controller two, and that person will be playing as Virgil.

Hint: Secret Missions:
Throughout the levels, you will find different secret missions that will give you different things. These missions can be done more than once. You will not get the original prize obtained in the first place, because once each mission is completed you will get the mission prize. Complete it again and you will get red orbs. Each time it is completed, the prized orb will go down in value.

Hint: Secret Mission 1:
To get easy orbs very early in the game, enter Secret Mission 1 (by entering metal sliding door off to the right before you fight Cerberus). Re enter it as many times as desired. After completing it once, you will gain a huge Red Orb which is worth around 400 orbs.

Hint: Secret Mission 5: Large life and Devil Trigger bonus:
Before you start Mission 14, you will need life, and Devil Trigger, if you do not have it as unlimited. Take out the Combat Adjudicator on the far wall with the Beowolf Gauntlets, and enter the "previous world". Go under the waterfall. Once inside, hop up into the red groove up in the cave and begin Secret Mission 5. Do not complete it. Repeat it as many times as desired and purchase what you need. When done, complete the secret mission and you will receive a small blue orb which will increase your life. Your Devil Trigger should also be full.

Hint: Credits: Easy kills:
To get more than 100 kills during the credits, when you fight Vergil equip yourself with the rocket launcher and upgrade it to level 3. After the fight with Vergil, during the credits, take out your rockets and start blasting everyone with it.
Marco Ferroni.

Hint: Defeating Agni and Rudra:
There are many ways to defeat Agni and Rudra. The easiest is to have Nevan and Super Dante mode. The skill needed is Air Raid for Nevan. Jump as high as you can off a wall and use the skill Air Raid. If you have the Super Dante costume on, you will hover like this indefinitely. Just keep shocking them, move around, and try to avoid hovering over them.

Hint: Defeating Virgil:
In order to drop Virgil's life faster in the beginning of the final fight, make sure you have the following equipped: Cerberus Nunchucks with all power ups (main weapon to use against him as it is quick and can peel off health in seconds); a weapon with double jump (preferably Agni and Rudra, as they are as good as the Cerberus nunchucks at dishing out damage in a short amount of time); Max Trickster Style (so you can use the dash abilities to avoid his attacks, as well as use the Air Blink to get closer to him when he falls out of Devil Trigger to attack him); 7 to 10 Devil Stars; 2 to 30 L. Vitality Stars; 2-30 S. Vitality Stars; all blue orbs purchased and completed; and all purple orbs purchased. Start by using the Cerberus nunchucks and use the Air Blink maneuver to get close to Virgil. Devil Trigger and start tearing him limb from limb until your Devil Trigger goes down to slightly under one. Then, use another Devil Star. Even if Vergil goes Devil Trigger, keep smashing him as he will eventually fall out of Devil Trigger. When he gets a purple sphere around him, break your Devil Trigger mode and avoid his next few attacks by dashing around them. Once he stops, he will be somewhat stunned. If you timed some of your dashes correctly, you should have built up a Devil Trigger gauge by about two to three places. Use Air Blink to get close to him and Devil Trigger. Keep smashing him (and using Devil Stars when the Devil Trigger gauge is at its last orb or less before you fall out of Devil Trigger) until he does the purple orb maneuver again. Then, repeat what you did the last time. It should not take much more if you had dealt enough damage earlier, and if your health is low, use a L. Vital Star/S. Vital Star, depending on the amount. Note: Sometimes he will do a combo of slash, slash, slash, then disappear and reappear overhead and do a Helm Breaker. Dash out of the way of this while equipping your double jump weapon and prepare for a Stinger attack. Double jump out of its way and go back to Cerberus nunchucks and strike him. He will also do his attack where he will partially draw his katana and orbs will appear. You can either dash towards him out of their way, or use the Air Blink. Note: If if you use Air Blink you might get caught by one of the orbs upon your reappearance, depending on how many he launches. After awhile Virgil will scream "Dante" and an FMV sequence will begin.
Alex Martin.

To defeat Virgil easily, use the Doppleganger style with the all costumes feature of the "Cheat mode" code. Equip the costume with Dante's sleeve torn off. You will be able to stay in demon form the entire whole time you are fighting Virgil. If player two presses Start with this costume on, he can use the doppleganger to fight with player one.

Hint: Easier style ratings:
To get easier style ratings, attack with a weapon. Then, after awhile switch to a different weapon. Try different combinations with different weapons.

When faced with a lot of enemies, your sword is always very useful. However if you throw it, it becomes even more useful. You can throw your sword at an enemy by locking onto them, then pressing Forward + Circle. Dante will throw his sword into the enemy. Your rating will instantly go up. Go up to the enemy and attack it., Your ratings will be at "Sweet" by this point if done correctly.

You can easily gain style points by whipping out the Nevan and using the attack where you go into the jam session (repeatedly press Triangle, while performing a type 2 combo). Do this in a room with a group of Enigmas (the enemies that attack you with the blue and red missiles) while using the guitar solo attack. When the missiles hit you, it will make your stylish points skyrocket instantly to SStylish. Note: This was done under the hard difficulty setting.
Virck Star and Shimmy Valaint.

Hint: Maxed out styles:
This trick takes some time but is well worth it. Enable the "Cheat mode" code, then go to Heaven or Hell mode. Once there, get to Mission 18. You can now max out all your styles such as Trickster, Gunslinger, Swordsmaster, or Royalguard, if you have not done so already. This mission is easy because on Heaven or Hell mode it takes only one shot to kill your enemies. Unfortunately it only takes one hit to kill you as well. Go through and kill all of the Bosses before you finish the mission. The best part is that it takes only one shot with the guns of choice, with a few exceptions. For each Boss you kill you will get about 5,000 to 7,000 points on your style. After completing the mission about three or four times you can go from a level one style to a maxed out style.
gareth geshell.

Hint: Devil Trigger power-up:
On the mission where you battle the redhead, as soon as you go under the waterfall into the other part of the level, you will enter a cave. Go straight and to your left to find a large Devil Trigger power-up in a crystallized sanctuary hole.

Hint: Glide while in demon form:
You can glide while in demon form by having the Rebellion equipped. Hold R1 + X to glide. This move will not appear in the library, but is automatically learned. Alternately, you can purchase the Air Raid maneuver for the Nevan weapon.
Jai Wala.

Hint: Machine-gun like shots:
Start by equipping Ebony & Ivory and use the Gunlinger style. When facing an enemy, press Square and Circle rapidly. The game will switch between Rapid Shot and Twosome Time. Because of the fast switching it will appear as if Dante has equipped himself with a machine gun.
Nick Dalmacio.

Hint: Fire the shotgun faster:
when using Ebony & Ivory and the shotgun, you can shoot the shotgun faster by firing, switching to Ebony & Ivory with L2 (default), firing once or twice with them, then switching back to the shotgun. If timed correctly, you can fire the shotgun as if it were one of your pistols. Note: This trick can be used with other weapons, such as Artemis, but may not work as well.
Jake Anderson.

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