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Delta Force: Black Hawk Down

Hint: Sniper rifle zooming:
Hold R3 to zoom in to the maximum with the sniper rifle. Alternately, hold R + R3.
rc, rand Kenny Fink.

Hint: Black Hawk Down mission:
Take an assault soldier with a M16 M203 or carbine 15 M203. Shoot them at the top of the broken buildings. You may might kill snipers easily if they are up there.

Hint: Mogadishu Mile mission:
As soon as the mission starts, run in front of the last AAV. Jump on the front of it and catch a free ride to the end of the mission. By doing this, you will be on top of it when they speed up and will not have to catch up. This results in you completing the mission faster and easier.
Gdog and E-UNIT.

Hint: Large explosion:
When you get C4s, lay them down and get some more. When you blow the C4 up, you will get a huge explosion. The best place to do this is in training; when you run out, go back and get more from the weapon crate.

Hint: Medals:
Complete one of the following tasks in an online game to unlock the corresponding medal.
rc, r.

Bronze Star: Get 1,000 kills
Combat Medical Badge: As a medic, save the lives of three teammates
Delta Cross: Get ten knife kills
Distinguished Service Cross: Get five hours of playing online
Headhunters Medal: Get five headshots
Hill Giant Medal: Get 10 minutes on Hill
Infantry Badge: Get 50 kills
Meritorious Service Medal: Win 10 out of 20 games
Purple Heart: Get saved five times by a Medic

Hint: Easier medic saves:
In Large Terrain, when going to save someone that is in the middle of nowhere with snipers everywhere, pull out your "syringe". Crouch, then run towards him. When you are near the person, run over him holding Fire. Keep circling him and you should have saved that person.
Seoul Spirit.

For Overload, get a spawn point and wait for some snipers to spawn. When they die, get on the ground and crawl to the soldier. By doing this you probably will not get killed. For Shadow Of Death, try to go to a spawn point with high hills. By doing this you cannot be seen. When a sniper dies, use the method described earlier and you should have some easy saves.
Seoul Spirit.

Hint: Paperwork mode (CTF):
With the Red team, when you have the flag you are faced with two options. You can go the safe way and probably get killed, or jump off the ledge and take the risk that you might get killed. If you jump off the ledge use the following trick. When you want to jump off the ledge, make sure you have your grenade options out. Jump onto the ledge, but not off it. Turn around then jump backwards. While you do this, throw a grenade then lay down. Chances are, you will kill someone with your grenade or no one may be there. Do this each time and you will capture the flags all the time. With the Blue team, when you come into the flags you will see a table with a hole in it. You can either lay down some claymores in the side entrances then snipe, or grab the flag and run. If you run, try to get some people to follow you and capture the flag.
Seoul Spirit.

Hint: CTF weapon strategies:
Have a Satchel Charge or Clamore and Grenade Launcher or any other gun mode. When your are near your flag, put down one or two satchels or claymores around it. Then, camp out somewhere that is elevated. When some one steals your flag, either detonate the satchel or blow up the satchel or claymore using your grenade launcher or gun.
Seoul Spirit.

Hint: Team tag:
When playing team tag online, if you have the flag the best place to take it to are as follows.

Black Hawk Down: On the broken buildings, top floor.

Gasoline Alley: In the garage; on the things that go along the entrance of the garage.

Last Defense: Keep running around in the trenches with M203s.

Hint: Unlimited AT-4 ammunition:
When you are near a "weapon changer" in a open area like Shadow Of Death, Black Hawk Down, or Last Defense, try to get on top of it. If you cannot do that, lay down and/or crouch. Fire your AT-4 when someone gets close, then switch your weapon to your original weapon then back again quickly. Now you can fire an unlimited amount of AT-4 rounds.
Seoul Spirit.

Hint: Ranks:

Rank Points
New Recruit 0
Private 1-100
Private 1st class 101-350
Corporal 351-850
Sergeant 851-1750
Sergeant 1st class 1751-3000
Master Sergeant 3001-5750
Sergeant Major 5751-9400
2nd Lieutenant 9401-14550
1st Lieutenant 14551-21700
Captain 21701-31350
Major 31351-44000
Lieutenant colonel 44501-61200
Colonel 61201-83800
1 Star General 83801-114000
2 Star General 114001-153000
3 Star General 153001-205000
4 Star General 205001-270000
5 Star General 270001-
Glitch: Sideways gun and items:
When you are near an ammo box, take out your binoculars. Keep them out, and when it tells you to switch weapons, press X. Switch to another gun and your gun should be sideways. Also, your secondary gun and item should be sideways.

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