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Devil May Cry 2

Dante's Diesel bonus level and costume:
Play Dante's mission 1, then save the game. Reset the PlayStation2 and wait for the "Press Start button" message to re-appear. Press L3, R3, L1, R1, L2, R2, L3, R3. A sound will confirm correct code entry. Press Start to return to the main menu. Choose the "Load game" option, press L1 or R1 to access the new costume, then load a game to play the bonus level.

Lucia's Diesel bonus level and costume:
Play Lucia's mission 1, then save the game. Reset the PlayStation2 and wait for the "Press Start button" message to re-appear. Press L3, R3, L1, R1, L2, R2, L3, R3. A sound will confirm correct code entry. Press Start to return to the main menu. Choose the "Load game" option, press L1 or R1 to access the new costume, then load a game to play the bonus level.

Lucia's Diesel costume:
Press L1(2), Triangle, Square, L2(2) during game play.

Dante's Diesel costume:
Press R1(2), Triangle, Square, R2(2) during game play.

In-game reset:
Hold Select then quickly press and hold Start during game play to return to the title screen.
Nathan Dill and Alex Ackles.

Completion bonuses:
Use the following trick to unlock the completion bonuses by only playing Dante's game. Switch from Disc 1 to 2 at any time during Dante's game. Successfully complete the game to unlock level select mode, hard mode, Bloody Palace mode, and the credits. This trick also works for hard mode. If you change from Disc 1 to Disc 2 anytime before you complete the game in hard mode, you will unlock Trish and other bonuses.

Dante Must Die mode completion bonuses:
Once you complete Dante Must Die mode, you will be rewarded with four bonuses: Dante's original Devil May Cry costume; Rebellion will be replaced by Force Edge (very strong not like Devil May Cry's Force Edge); True King of Hell (title given to you after completing both Dante and Lucia Must Die modes; the music Lock and Load (Dante's Theme from Devil May Cry) will play.

Alternate costumes for Dante:
Successfully complete the game with Dante under the normal difficulty setting to unlock an alternate costume. Successfully complete the game in Dante Must Die mode to unlock his original costume from Devil May Cry.
Alhaji Musa.

Alternate costumes for Lucia:
Successfully complete the game with Lucia to unlock an alternate costume for her. Successfully complete the game with Lucia under the hard difficulty setting to unlock another costume for her. Successfully complete the game in Lucia Must Die mode to unlock her Arius bodyguard costume.
Alhaji Musa.

Play as Trish:
Successfully complete the game with Dante under the hard difficulty setting. Trish has Dante's stats and items and starts with the Sparda.
Alhaji Musa.

Bloody Palace mode:
Successfully complete the game with Dante and Lucia to unlock Bloody Palace mode.
Alhaji Musa.

In Bloody Palace mode, the maximum and hardest level is level 9999, however, the reward is satisfying. You will fight various rivals, such as Mr. Phantom (lava spider), Arius, or Bolverk (the one eyed sword opponent) and his wolves, only this time you will fight twelve wolves. You will probably fight Arius most of the time, but even though he is difficult, get a Showtime fighting him and kill him at the same time. You will be rewarded with 7,000 Orbs.

Dante Must Die mode:
Successfully complete the game with Dante and Lucia under the hard difficulty setting.
Alhaji Musa and Sephiroth.

Lucia Must Die mode:
Successfully complete the game with Lucia under the hard difficulty setting.
Alhaji Musa.

Hard difficulty setting:
Successfully complete the game with Dante and Lucia.

Level select:
Successfully complete the game as either character under any difficulty setting.
Alhaji Musa.

Alternate enemy file images:
When looking at the enemy files in the menu, some of them have alternate images. These can be seen by pressing X while looking at certain files. Most will have a second image and some, like the cage type enemies, have about four.
Ben Talbot.

King Of Hell pictures:
To get the nine bonus King Of Hell pictures, complete Dante Must Die! mode with both Dante and Lucia then, complete the game with the following costumes.

Picture 1: Complete the last mission as Dante.
Picture 2: Complete the last mission as Dante's Diesel costume.
Picture 3: Complete the last mission as Trish.
Picture 4: Complete the last mission as Trish (on Lucia's disc).
Picture 5: Complete the last mission as original Devil May Cry Dante.
Picture 6: Complete the last mission as Lucia.
Picture 7: Complete the last mission as Lucia's Diesel costume.
Picture 8: Complete the last mission as Lucia's second Diesel costume.
Picture 9: Complete the last mission as Lucia's Secretary costume.

Hint: Easy game completion:
Use the following trick to complete the game easily with Lucia or Dante. Enable the code to get Dante or Lucia's Diesel costume. As well as having the option of another costume, you can repeat any level you have already completed. Simply repeat the easy levels to gain Orbs, and upgrade your characters.
Matthew Elefanty.

Hint: Mission 1: Secret area:
Enter the big doors to the right of the pillar where the Puia (flying harpies) first appear in Mission 1.

Go through the level until you see a wall with a face. Press Circle and you should enter a secret room.

After you reach the point when the demon birds appear, defeat them, then get on the roof. Run until two skeletons appear. Defeat them, then get on the stairs. Jump off them, go down, and keep going. Do not worry about the demons that appear. Get to bottom of the path to the last door, then press Circle to access secret room 2.
Tom Cotton.

Hint: Mission 1: Hidden Red Orbs:
Go to the part at the beginning where you double jump over the rubble blocking the way ahead. Face the statue and double jump to the statue's shoulder, then again to his head. Once on his head, at many Red Orbs will fall.
Lloyd Dragon.

Hint: Mission 1: Unlimited Red Orbs:
Get the first Red Orb at the beginning then keep restarting the mission.
Manuel Reyes.

Hint: Mission 1: Unlimited Yellow Orbs:
After completing either character's game at least once and have unlocked the "Mission Select" option, go to mission 1 and collect the Yellow Orbs. Save the game and quit. You may now continue where you left off. This trick is useful when facing the tougher Bosses on the harder settings.
James Gilby.

Hint: Mission 2: Hidden areas:
Enter one of the rooms that has a coffin and bones in it. Go up to the coffin and press Circle. This will take you to a hidden room full of enemies and some Red Orbs.
Casper Da Friendly Ghost.

There are actually two secret areas in mission 2. Both are in separate rooms where skeleton coffins are located. Check every coffin you see to find them.

Hint: Mission 3: Hidden area:
Before or after the cargo elevator trip, you will reach a door located between two other doors with just a couple of stair steps. Stand in front of the door on the left side of the screen and press Circle to enter a secret room.
Khang Le.

Hint: Mission 4: Hidden area:
When you start, look for the first door on your left. It is not very big and is sticking out slightly. Approach it and press Circle. It will lead to a secret area where big flying creatures attack you.

Hint: Mission 5: Hidden area:
When you enter the barricaded area, go to Dante's left and fall off the cliff. There are several medium Red Orbs. Follow that until the end. There will be an Orb Dispenser. Go just to the left of the Orb Dispenser to find a garage-type door. Press Circle, and there will be plenty of Homromsira in there.

Hint: Mission 6: Defeating the "head":
When you are fighting the "head", not when it is the full body, when it falls on the ground and starts shooting lasers, wait for them to stop. You will have a few seconds before it will go into the air again. In that time, run up to it and hit it with your sword on the open mouth. It will do double or triple the damage.
Victor Gonyo.

When the head floats down to the ground and shoots its lasers, press Circle to flip Dante around to the back of the head. Slash the monster while it is shooting the lasers. After it is done, using the sword will help Dante's Devil Trigger to fill up. When it is full, it will do even more damage.

Hint: Mission 7: Hidden area:
At the very end of the mission, before entering the door that leads to the roof, press Circle at the door to the left.

Hint: Mission 8: Easy Red Orbs:
The level select option must first be unlocked for this trick .Select level 8. Fight and defeat the opponent as quickly as possible without using items. You will get about 4,000 Red Orbs if you get a "B" rank.

Hint: Mission 10: Hidden area:
After defeating the giant butterfly and the larvae, you will go down a set of stairs. After the game loads, go to the first set of doors you see and press Circle to enter another hidden room.
Khang Le.

Hint: Mission 14: Hidden area:
When you start the mission, turn around and press Circle against the door on the left. You should enter a secret room with enemies to fight.
Miguel Saldana.

Hint: Mission 16: Hidden area:
On this mission, you will enter a room where you will find the item named Sacrilege. Get the item to make the energy balls stop coming at you. Then, on the floor directly under the balcony where the item was located, there will be a wall that resembles a door. Press Circle in front of that wall and it will open a secret room.
Matt Paradis.

Hint: Mission 16: Easy Red Orbs:
When you pass mission 16, you can get as many red orbs as desired. Go up and down the elevator, killing all enemies. Remember to mix up your attacks to increase your stylish bonus. Do not use a maxed-out weapon, as this will kill enemies too quickly and not allow you to get your stylish up fast enough. If done correctly, you can get up to 2,500 Red Orbs on each trip up and down the elevator. This may get tedious, but is well worth it when you get to the "Must Die" modes. Save your data when you have the desired number of orbs.
Mark Walden.

Hint: Mission 18: Easy Red Orbs:
Complete the game as Dante. Go to Mission 1 and grab the Gold Orb, then go to Mission 18 to defeat Argosax the chaos and despair embodied. Repeat this as many times as desired.
Michael Aminoff.

Hint: Defeating Argosax:
As Dante, start from the first head and work your way to the left. Then, position Dante in between each head and target it with the Missile Launcher then take it out from afar. Tis will also work on the Griffon, but his electric attacks will eventually make their way towards you. The only way to avoid them is to Flip Escape to the right and get out of their range.

Press Circle every time you want to move somewhere, even left and right. When the time is correct, or when no attacks are being drawn, kick them with a missile launcher (since they cannot avoid attacks), or just give them a cheap shot using handguns. Note: Killing Argosax may be easy, but Despair Embodied is a different story.

This is much easier if you have fully upgraded the submachine guns. For the first head, hold Square while jumping over his attacks. After that, move to the right by the Griffin. If you are standing as far away as possible, he will only be able to hit you with the attack that is like a pair of scissors. As you keep working to the right, you can avoid the range of their attacks until you reach the Phantom. When he shoots fireballs, roll to the side until he stops and keep attacking. Use the same strategy for the jets of fire he shoots up. By now you should have a full Devil Trigger gauge. Use it on the giant gorilla to avoid falling down because of his attack. If you bought enough Purple Orbs, you should have about half a bar left when the gorilla dies.
David Hayes.

Hint: Defeating Arius-Argosax:
You will need the Arsenal Throwing Daggers upgraded to level 2 or 3, the Swords Embaka upgraded to at least level 2 or 3, and all of the Amulets. The best Amulet to use as Lucia is the Electro Heart, the Quick Heart (to move very fast), and the Healing Amulet (heals while in Devil Trigger mode). While fighting him, jump in the air and rapidly press Square. Keep doing this to raise your Devil Trigger gauge to full power. Attack him rapidly with the Arsenal Throwing Daggers. When he is defeated, an intermission sequence will start.

You can only defeat Arius-Argosax with Lucia. You need to use the throwing daggers at level 2 and any swords. The best amulet to use is the Healing Heart. All that Arius-Argosax can to do you is spit purple things. If you get hit by it, you will get poisoned for awhile. You will know if you are poisoned because you will turn purple. Throw the daggers at all times at Arius-Argosax. When your Devil Trigger gauge gets full, activate it.
jack woodrup.

Hint: Defeating Possessed Arius:
Note: You can only fight Possessed Arius as Lucia. When you get to the second to last mission (after the part where you are in the Big Urobos Buildiing Corps.), you will have to fight Possessed Arius. He is also in Devil Trigger Mode. To defeat him, find the Embaka and have it upgraded to at least level 2 or 3. Have your Arsenal, Throwing Daggers, upgraded to level 2. While fighting, keep jumping in the air and pressing Square rapidly until you fall. At least every five to ten seconds, Possessed Arius will charge up (purple flames will form around his body). He will charge at you. Jump in the air and keep pressing Square. When he is behind you while you a're in the air, he might jump at you on the ground. When he falls, attack him with Triangle. It is the best way to get your Devil Trigger gauge at full power. If your Devil Trigger gauge is half to full, go into Devil Trigger mode. Keep attacking him; you will rarely ever fall down while you attack in Devil Trigger mode. When his life is in the red, he will take one of the pipe-like things on his back that always move and jam it into the ground, causing it to pop up occasionally, He will not die, but will transform another time.

You do not need to have anything leveled up for this trick, but you will need the Speed Amulet. Equip the Throwing Daggers. When you start out in the pit, run as far from him as possible. Throw daggers at him until he is almost close enough to hit you, then Devil Trigger and run under him to the other side of the pit. Repeat this strategy. Note: Your Devil Trigger should charge up just enough. If you defeat the second form quickly and you do this trick on the third form correctly, you should be able to get an "S" rank for time, and high ranking for damage, although style will probably get a "D" rank.
kaus gpk.

Hint: Defeating the Infested Tanks:
Have Lucia jump on to the tank. Note: Make sure you have your handguns on. Jump once then fire. Before you land, jump again and fire. When you defeat the first one, do it again. Note: Watch your back, as the other ones might fire a missle. There are three of them.

Hint: Defeating the "Three Heads":
When you enter a certain room, you will get transported to another dimension. Three heads will attack you at different times. Keep dodging the things that they fire at you. When they get close, before they attack, use the most powerful sword you have. Do this to get your Devil Trigger up, but do not use it until the heads join up. Then, either use the throwing daggers or the handguns. Repeat until they are defeated. Note: When the ice head uses its main attack which fires huge ice pillars at you, you cannot attack the heads until you have destroyed the pillars.
jack woodrup.

Hint: Ultimate Devil form:
Get your Devil Trigger to full, then get your health bar down to the red. Go into your Devil form, and you will be in your Ultimate Devil form.

Hint: Combos:
These combos are based off of the basic attack mode without holding R1. These will help you get a better combo rating, especially if you do the first and follow with the second. Make sure not to hold R1 button or you will do the Air Hike or the Stinger.
Psycho Enforcer.

Three basic slashes plus a downward strike, then an upward strike that knocks your enemy into the air like the Air Hike: Press Triangle(3), Towards + Triangle, Triangle(2).

Three basic slashes then three additional horizontal strikes. Press Triangle(3), Away + Triangle, Triangle(3).

Equip any sword and the shotgun. Holding R1 and do the following:

Dante will do a normal slash, then a cartwheel move while firing the shotgun. Press Triangle, Square.

Dante will do two slashes and pass the shotgun under his two arms and across his back, firing the shotgun twice. Press Triangle(2), Square.

Dante will do three slashes and then go into one knee firing the shotgun. Press Triangle(3), Square.

Once Dante has transformed into his Super Demon form (Ultimate Devil Trigger), he can use the following moves. Note: The Desperation Attacks will use all your Devil Trigger gaage, but are extremely powerful. The Ultimate Desperation Attack can kill any enemy in a single shot and can also kill most Bosses in a single shot.

Fireballs: Press Square (can also do while jumping or flying).
Twin Lightsabres: Press Triangle.
Flight: Press X(2).
Spin Attack: Press Triangle and the Left Analog-stick in any direction (while jumping).
Desperation Attack (Divine Light Blast): Press Square + Triangle at the same time.
Ultimate Desperation Attack (Dark Energy Beam): Hold R1, then press Square + Triangle at the same time.

Hold R1 in human form, then jump in the air and press Triangle to execute three moves. If you press Triangle, you will do an upward kick. If you press Triangle(2), you will do an upward kick followed by a backflip. If you press Triangle(3), you will do an upward kick and a backflip followed by a sword slash at an enemy that is on the ground.

While not in Devil Trigger mode (as to not waste your power), begin attacking an opponent. Once you begin to get Do Not Worry and your opponent dies. Use the handguns to start shooting your next target and Do Not Worry will never leave the screen until you are hit or stop shooting. Keep this strategy going until you get to Showtime and it works out nicely.

Hint: Double shotgun blast:
Stand just near the edge of a building and shoot your gun. While shooting, go to move off the edge. The moment that you are off the edge, you will immediately fire another shot from your shotgun.
John Snore.

Hint: Fast shotgun fire and reload:
Jump in the air twice, fire, and keep pressing L2.

Hint: Shotgun tricks:
As Dante, have the shotgun equipped. Then, hold R1 to aim at something. Next, swing your sword. The actions go as follow. Swing then fire: Dante does a somersault to the side and fires his shotgun; two swings then fire: Dante uses his shotgun like a pair of nunchuks firing twice; three swings then fire: Dante spins around on the last swing and into a kneel, shooting over his knee as support.

Hint: Quick recovery:
If you get hit and thrown to the ground, press Circle as soon as you hit the ground and you will immediately bounce back up.

Hint: Dante: Ultimate Devil Trigger attack:
To do the Ultimate Devil Trigger into Sparda demon form, press L1 when Dante's life bar is low. The Sparda form is incredibly strong and deals huge damage.
Gerry Rowe.

Hint: Dante: Moves:
While in Devil Trigger, press Triangle(2), then quickly press Triangle + Analog-stick. Dante will shoot out a lot projectiles that resemble arrows. The color depends on what amulet you have equipped.

Hint: Lucia: Ultimate Devil Trigger attack:
When in Lucia's Devil Trigger, equip the Aerial Heart and fly in the air after they are near you. Press Triangle + Square constantly until you do not have control of Lucia. She will perform an attack similar to the Phantom's Volcano Ass attack. It will take a lot of Devil Trigger. If you keep pressing it fast it will not waste Devil Trigger at all, but it will eventually stop.

Hint: Trish: Moves:
Trish has two moves that Dante does not. One is throwing Sparta, which is done by holding Triangle briefly and releasing. Trish will throw Sparta. You can shoot at the same targets that Sparta is attacking and do twice the damage. For the other move, fly using the Aerialheart and hold Square. Trish should fire beams of yellow light which do an amazing amount of damage. The longer you hold Square, the more beams she will shoot at once (five beams maximum).

Hold L2 then hold Triangle. When you release, Trish will stab her sword in the ground so you can use hand to hand combat by pressing Triangle. Press L2 to get the sword back.

Lock onto an enemy and do a sword combo. After the first two slashes land, hold R2 and she will do an extra two slashes.

When you are not holding Sparda (by stabbing it into the floor or throwing it), you can use Trish's fist and feet to attack your enemy. While doing this, hold R1 and press Forward or Back + Triangle. Trish will either thrust forward with a flaming punch or uppercut her enemies high off the screen. Also, if you jump while not holding Sparda and press Triangle, Trish will do a flaming dive-kick straight at the nearest enemy.
Ben Talbot.

Hint: Easier combos:
Use sword combos as much as possible. If an enemy is too far away for you to instantaneously attack them, use your arsenal/guns until you get close enough to use your sword(s) on them to keep the combo rating lit.

Hint: Easy break away:
Whenever something grabs you (for example, those invisible grasshoppers on top of you or the giant gorilla Boss), turn on your Devil Trigger very quickly and you will easily break free.

Hint: Bloody Palace: Easy Red Orbs:
Play Bloody Palace mode and defeat all the monsters. Choose the green portal to go 100 levels every time. 100 levels equals 1000 Red Orbs.

Hint: Forced Edge:
Successfully complete Dante Must Die to unlock Dante's original costume from Devil May Cry. Rebellion will be replaced with Forced Edge. Note: It does not change to Sparda if you are in Devil Trigger form.

Hint: Slow Motion Amulet piece:
There is a Slow Motion Amulet piece in the level after the Phantom (the level arena with eye in the center). Toward the outside is a sack or web cocoon on the ground. Break it open. Apply the Amulet and use Devil Trigger to see all your sword combos in slow motion.

Hint: Items:
Explore the level before you attempt killing a demon or devil. When you defeat them, the game will cut to an intermission sequence and you may leave behind important items. For example, in the mission where you take out the three tainted tanks, from start turn to your left and jump into the rubble to find a Heart Of A Warrior amulet piece.

Hint: Keep Red Orbs:
On any level, you will get Red Orbs. After you get a number of Red Orbs, pause game play and choose to restart the mission. You will not lose any Red Orbs.
gary barmore.

Hint: More Red Orbs for good combos:
You will gain a lot more Red Orbs if you kill enemies while you have the "Showtime!!!" combo rating. This is especially useful in the Bloody Palace. Strike enemies with your sword to build up your combo, dodge their attacks so you do not lose it all, and you will get the Showtime!!! rating easily. Also, if the enemy is a fair distance away from you as you are trying to build up your combo (and you do not think you will reach it before the combo fades), shoot it with your pistols. It will "refresh" the timer on the rating and keep your current rating until you reach the enemy. It is recommended that you fight Miseras to get Orbs, since a lot of them spawn in one level and they are easy to kill.
Ben Talbot.

Hint: Red Orbs:
After you have completed the game under the normal difficulty setting with both characters, you can return to fight Argosax again for orbs. Each time you complete the mission is worth 5,000 orbs on top of the bonus from your ranking.
David Hayes.

Hint: More shooting time:
You must have Air Hike with Alastor for this trick. Jump in the air and shoot. When you are about to fall, use Air Hike and start shooting again. This will only have full effect if timed correctly. Note: It is a lot easier and more efficient on Easy Auto mode, but still can be done on the other modes.

Hint: Weapon list:
Note: There are weapons that you will not probably encounter unless you look for them thoroughly.

Handguns: Available at start.

Shotgun: Kill the serpent in mission 4. You will get it after the intermission sequence with Dante riding a motorcycle.

Submachine guns: Found in mission 12, where you fight Bolverk, Freki, and Geri the first time. When you have to jump those platforms, find one that has a fading color, or floor. Keep hopping and walking on corridors (platforms on the wall) until there is an object to smash to get Red Orbs. Continue down to get the submachine guns.

Missile launcher: Destroy the boxes on the airplane where you have to escape from the power plant.

Rebellion: Available at start.

Merciless: Rather than doing the difficult parts in mission 12, wait for the mission where you have to fight Phantom. You will find it when you are near a blue smashing platform.

Vendetta: The strongest sword is located in mission 9, in the room where the train gate on the right is located (without the Red Orb on the track). Go in the room, look for a skeleton with a Vendetta plunged through its heart, and grab the swords.

Hint: Bloody Palace mode: Get to Bosses faster:
You must first understand the different level warps. The plain circle is one level up, the middle warp is ten levels up, and last is the green portal, which is one hundred levels up . Go through ten levels of the level one warps. After the tenth level go to the middle warp (level 20). Complete this level and go to the green warp. You should be facing all Bosses from then on. However, there is a flaw with normal leveling. Your bonus is much higher than what it would be. At most, you will only get around a two or three thousand bonus Red Orbs.

Hint: Devil May Cry reference:
At the end of Mission 1 and the intermission sequence of the house blowing up, look at the coin tgat Dante flips. On it is the silhouette of Trish from the original Devil May Cry.
Paul Stromquist.

Glitch: Big jump:
There is a glitch in the stairwell where Dante obtains the Flame Heart. This is performed easier in Devil Trigger mode. It can also be done with the Rocket Launcher (not in Devil Trigger). At that staircase, there is a way to jump from the bottom near the door almost to the top door. Stand at the bottom of the ledge where the staircase drops off, and hold Toward the camera so Dante will flip when he jumps. Press Jump, and as soon as you release it, fire as fast as possible. If done correctly, he will finish his jump on higher stairs.

Glitch: Invisible walls:
During mission 22 when you are approaching Mundus while he is in statue, go to the right or left side of the room. You will find that there is invisible walls trapping you in. You can wall-jump off these invisible walls.

Glitch: Swim around:
With Lucia on mission 8, you will start in a pit. Swim up a little bit and you will see a cave or maybe several of them. Keep pressing Circle on them, and eventually you will find and appear in a secret room. You will fight two Savage Golems, then four more. After you defeat them, collect the orbs and Blue Orb Fragment. Then, go into the purple circle. Do not press Circle yet or the glitch will not work. When in the exact center of this circle, jump in air, and before Lucia's feet touch the ground, press Circle. Note: This may require several attempts. When it works, you will enter a glitched water sequence in which you can swim around as Lucia. There are two different outcomes to this trick. About 25% of the time, you will end up in darkness next to a "building". All you can do is swim up, and at the top of the "building" enter a hole and continue the mission. 75% of the time, you will end up swimming in the walls. If you go left, you will encounter an invisible wall. Travel down to go back to the pit where you started the mission. Travel up or right to reach the cave where the secret room was entered.

Glitch: Fall through level:
Play the level where you fight the Phantom/Spyder for the first time. Before you fight the Spyder, you will have a fight with a group of monsters on that level. While in the middle of a fight, go to the center of the level, where there a big light and a hole in the ground. Go near it and stay there until a monster attacks you, then slash it. Then, go as far up to the hole as you can until you cannot go in. By this time, you are being hit by a monster and getting pushed up against an invisible wall in the middle. Use the shotgun at the first enemy you see. You will fall through a "leak" in the level. You will keep falling in black until the game is reset.

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